Woodudigitize enables us to use this experience to connect those who are looking to keep up with the, ever evolving, online and digital space

About Woodudigitize and Wooduchoose.

Woodudigitize represents the harmonious confluence of the timber industry's rich heritage with the dynamic world of digital technology. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between these two domains, our platform has steadily emerged as the definitive digital partner for the timber sector.

Our journey, deeply rooted in the wood industry since the early '90s, has granted us unique insights into its intricacies and nuances. Over the years, we have witnessed the industry's evolution, understanding its challenges and recognising its ever-growing need for digital transformation. This understanding became the driving force behind Woodudigitize, leading us to establish a platform dedicated to catering to the digital needs of timber businesses.

Today, Woodudigitize stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise. With a portfolio that encompasses everything from website development to bespoke software solutions, we are committed to propelling the timber industry into the digital age. As we look to the future, our mission remains unwavering: to provide the timber industry with cutting-edge digital solutions, underpinned by deep industry knowledge and a passion for excellence.